Saturday, November 26, 2011


we're always going together..
sometimes alone, sometimes together...
it's okay if we're not always together..

please stay by my side..
even if i can never hold you
every time i hold you
you go further away..

for not being able to continue saving up more memories with u..
for not being able to continue being by your side..
also..because i have to go away first, i'm sorry..

during this period of time,
i've laughed a lot because of you..
because of you i was able to feel happy and content
i will never regret falling in love with you

even if you want to dodge your problems,
don't close your eyes..
don't run away..
and live on,
it's better to live,..

sometimes we're all alone,
sometimes we're together,
but it's ok that we can't always be together
i miss you so much..
thinking of you..

when i open my eyes again,
even if you are not there anymore,
time will stand still..

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