Friday, August 8, 2014

a new beginning


hai >.<
setelah sekian lama menyepikan diri..hehe
sorry laa busy dgn stdy life kann..
but not anymore :D
i can proudly say that i'm not a student in UiTM anymore :D
my final semester had just ended on 10th July 2014 yeaayyyyy!!!! :D

there's a lot of things happened 
and a lot of things that taught me during this final semester
a lot of laugh, a lot of tears, a lot of memories
those moments make me stronger day by day
thank you everyone 
and thanks to you too..yes you. 

so, this is just a new beginning for me.
not as a student.
my next plan is,
get a job.
save money.
get married..ooppss.haha
further study..with nuyu. ;)

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