Friday, August 8, 2014

close friend's E-Day


when i was on my way to the class,
i got a msg in fb from one of my close friends in Jeli, Dalila.
she invited me to her E-Day during mid-semester break.

i was quite shocked actually.
i never thought that she would be engaged to someone.
actually it's quite a long time i didn't get in touch with her,
since both of us were quite busy with our university's lives.
she's in UiTM Dungun if i'm not mistaken. hehe

so, since i've been invited, i went to her house during her E-Day.
and i'm very very happy to see her changes.
she was wearing tudung labuh and jubah during the day..really beautiful :)
she said that she knows him just for a few months,
and after that he proposed her and she accepted!
these are some pictures with her ;)

a wish for her:
happy engangement day dear ;)
i wish u'd be his wife really soon 
and build a beautiful love story with him after marriage ;)

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Ija Rased said...

selamat hari raya. moga kekal selamanya