Tuesday, August 27, 2013

want to get closer with an accountant?


not as beautiful as it's been said hokayyy..
don't judge something based on it's cover only,
keep digging inside,
if u want to know it better ^_^

*when it comes to certain deadlines, yes it's damn TRUE!

*it seems that the time passes too slow..since many jobs to do.

*YES, we ARE hard workerrr T_T

*this is SOOO TRUUEEE..stressed after trying hard to get a balance account, 
SLEEP is the best solution..hahaa :D

(photos by: fb ACCOUNTANT)


Shark Kay said...

mmg lotih bila bermain ngan nombor..
gud luck for the future ok:)

Cik Itah@Rama Rama Pendek said...

wish u luck dear :)

Kirani Mia said...

tq uollz ^_^